Board Policies

Section A - Foundations And Basic Commitments

    File: AA - School District Legal Status


    File: ABA (Also KC) - Community Involvement In Decision Making

    File: ABB (Also GBB) - Staff Involvement In Decision Making

    File: ABC (Also JFB) - Student Involvement In Decision Making


    File: AC - Nondiscrimination

    File: ACA/ACAA - Nondiscrimination On The Basis Of Sex/Sexual Harassment

            File: ACA-R/ACAA-R - Nondiscrimination On The Basis Of Sex/Sexual Harassment

    File: ACB - Nondiscrimination On The Basis Of Disability


    File: AD - Development Of Philosophy Of Education

    File: ADA - Educational Philosophy


    File: AE - School District Goals and Objectives


    File: AF - Commitment To Accomplishment

    File: AFA (Also BK) - Evaluation Of School Board Operational Procedures

    File: AFB (Also CBG) - Evaluation Of The Superintendent

    File: AFBA (Also BCCB) - Evaluation Of The Treasurer

    File: AFC- 1 (Also GCN-1) - Evaluation Of Certified Staff (Ohio Teacher Evaluation System)

    File: AFC-2 (Also GCN-2) - Evaluation Of Certified Staff (Administrators Both Certified and Classified)

            File: AFC-2-R (Also GCN-2-R) - Evaluation Of Certified Staff

    File: AFC-3 (Also GCN-3) - Standards Based Principal Evaluation System

    File: AFCA (Also GCNA) - Evaluation Of School Counselors

    File: AFD (Also GDN) - Evaluation Of Classified Staff

    File: AFE (Also IM) - Evaluation Of Instructional Programs

    File: AFI - Evaluation Of Educational Resources


Section B - School Board Governance & Operation

    File: BA - Board Operation Goals


    File: BB - School Board Legal Status

    File: BBA - School Board Powers And Duties

    File: BBAA - Board Member Authority

    File: BBB - School Board Elections

    File: BBBA - Board Member Qualifications

    File: BBBB - Board Member Oath Of Office

            File: BBBB-E - Board Member Oath of Office

    File: BBE - Unexpired Term Fulfillment

    File: BBF - Board Member Code of Ethics

            File: BBF-E Board member Code of Ethics

    File: BBFA - Board Member Conflict Of Interest


    File: BCA - Board Organizational Meeting

    File: BCB - Board Officers

    File: BCC - Qualifications And Duties Of The Treasurer

    File: BCCA - Incapacity Of The Treasurer

            File: BCCA-R Incapacity Of The Treasurer

    File: BCCB (Also AFBA) - Evaluation Of The Treasurer

    File: BCCC - Treasurer's Contract

    File: BCD (Also CBI) - Board-Superintendent Relationship

    File: BCE - Board Committees

    File: BCG - School Board Attorney

    File: BCH - Consultants To The Board


    File: BD - School Board Meetings

    File: BDC - Executive Sessions

    File: BDDA - Notification Of Meetings

    File: BDDB - Agenda Format

    File: BDDC - Agenda Preparation and Dissemination

    File: BDDD - Quorum

    File: BDDF - Voting Method

            File: BDDF-E - Voting Method

    File: BDDG - Minutes

    File: BDDH (Also KD) - Public Participation At Board Meetings

    File: BDDJ (Also KBCD) - Broadcasting And Taping Of Board Meetings


    File: BE - School Board Work Sessions And Retreats


    File: BF - Board Policy Development And Adoption

    File: BFCA (Also CHB) - Board Review Of Regulations

    File: BFD - Policy Dissemination

    File: BFE (Also CHD) - Administration In Policy Absence

    File: BFF - Suspension Of Policies

    File: BFG - Policy Review And Evaluation


    File: BG (Also GBD) - Board-Staff Communications


    File: BHA - New Board Member Orientation

    File: BHBA - School Board Conferences, Conventions And Workshops

    File: BHD - Board Member Compensation And Expenses


    File: BI - School Board Legislative Program


    File: BJA - Liaison With School Boards Associations


    File: BK (Also AFA) - Evaluation Of School Board Operational Procedures


Section C - General School Administration

    File: CA - Administration Goals


    File: CBA - Qualifications And Duties Of The Superintendent

    File: CBAA - Incapacity Of The Superintendent

            File: CBAA-R - Incapacity Of The Superintendent

    File: CBC - Superintendent's Contract

    File: CBG (Also AFB) - Evaluation Of The Superintendent

    File: CBI (Also BCD) - Board-Superintendent Relationship


    File: CC - Administrative Organizational Plan

    File: CCA - Organizational Chart

    File: CCB - Staff Relations And Lines Of Authority


    File: CD - Management Team 


    File: CE - Administrative Councils, Cabinets And Committees

            File: CE-R - Administrative Councils, Cabinets and Committees


    File: CF - School Building Administration


    File: CH - Policy Implementation

    File: CHA - Development Of Regulations

    File: CHB (Also BFCA) - Board Review Of Regulations

    File: CHC - Regulations Dissemination

    File: CHCA - Approval Of Handbooks And Directives

    File: CHD (Also BFE) - Administration In Policy Absence


Section D - Fiscal Management

    File: DA - Fiscal Management Goals


    File: DB/DBK - Annual Budget And Appropriations Measure / Budget Modification Authority

    File: DBD - Budget Planning

    File: DBH - Budget Adoption Procedures


    File: DD - Funding Proposals And Applications


    File: DE - Revenues From Tax Sources


    File: DFA - Revenues From Investments

            File: DFA-E - Revenues From Investments


    File: DGA - Authorized Signatures


    File: DH - Bonded Employees And Officers


    File: DI - Fiscal Accounting And Reporting

    File: DID - Inventories

    File: DIE - Audits


    File: DJ - Purchasing

    File: DJB - Petty Cash Accounts

    File: DJC - Bidding Requirements

    File: DJF - Purchasing Procedures

            File: DJF - R - Purchasing Procedures

    File: DJH - Credit Cards


    File: DK: Payment Procedures


    File: DLB: Salary Deductions

    File: DLC: Expense Reimbursements

            File: DLC - R - Expense Reimbursements


    File: DM - Cash In School Buildings


    File: DN - School Properties Disposal Procedure


Section E - Support Services

    File: EA - Support Services Goals


    File: EB - Safety Program

    File: EBAA - Reporting Of Hazards

    File: EBBA - First Aid

            File: EBBA-R - First Aid

    File: EBBC - Bloodborne Pathogens

    File: EBC - Emergency Management and Safety Plans

  File: EBC-R - Emergency Management and Safety Plans 

    File: EBCD - Emergency Closings

    File: EBD - Crisis Management


    File: ECA - Buildings And Grounds Security

    File: ECAB - Vandalism

    File: ECB - Buildings And Grounds Maintenance

    File: ECF - Energy Conservation


    File: EDE - Computer / Online Services

            File: EDE- R - Computer / Online Services

            File: EDE-E - RLS Computer Network & Internet Acceptable Use Policy & Agreement

    File:  EDEF - Web Accessibility


    File: EEA - Student Transportation Services

    File: EEAA - Walkers And Riders

            File: EEAA-R - Walkers And Riders

    File: EEAC: School Bus Safety Program

    File: EEACC (Also JFCC) - Student Conduct On School Buses

    File: EEACCA - Video Cameras On Transportation Vehicles

    File: EEACD - Drug Testing For District Personnel Required To Hold A Commercial Driver's License

            File: EEACD-R - Drug Testing For District Personnel Required To Hold A Commercial Driver's License

    File: EEAD - Special Use Of School Buses

    File: EEAE - Student Transportation In Private Vehicles 


    File: EF/EFB - Food Services Management / Free And Reduced-Price Food Services

    File: EFF - Food Sale Standards 

            File: EFF-E - Food Sale Standards I

            File: EFF-E - Food Sale Standards II

    File: EFG - Student Wellness Program

            File: EFG-R - Student Wellness Program


   File: EGAAA - Copyright

    File: EGAC - Telephone Services

            File: EGAC-R - Telephone Services


    File: EHA - Data And Records Retention

            File: EHA-R - Data And Records Retention


    File: EI - Insurance Management


Section F - Facilities Development

    File: FA - Facilities Development Goals


    File: FB - Facilities Planning


    File: FD (Also KBE) - Tax Issues


    File: FEE - Site Acquisition Procedure 

    File: FEF - Construction Contracts Bidding And Awards


    File: FF - Naming New Facilities

    File: FFA - Memorials On Facilities And Grounds


    File: FL - Retirement of Facilities


Section G - Personnel

    File: GA - Personnel Policies Goals


    File: GBA - Equal Opportunity Employment

    File: GBB (Also ABB) - Staff Involvement In Decision Making

    File: GBCA - Staff Conflict Of Interest

    File: GBCB - Staff Conduct

    File: GBCC - Staff Dress And Grooming

    File: GBD (Also BG) - Board-Staff Communications

    File: GBE - Staff Health And Safety

            File: GBE-R - Staff Health And Safety

    File: GBG - Staff Participation In Political Activities

    File: GBH (Also JM) - Staff-Student Relations

    File: GBI - Staff Gifts And Solicitations

    File: GBIA (Also IGDFA) - Online Fundraising Campaigns/Crowdfunding

    File: GBK - No Tobacco Use On District Property By Staff Members 

    File: GBL - Personnel Records

    File: GBM - Staff Complaints And Grievances

    File: GBO - Verification Of Employment Eligibility

            File: GBO-E - Verification of Employment Eligibility

    File: GBP - Drug-Free Workplace

    File: GBQ - Criminal Record Check

    File: GBR - Family And Medical Leave

            File: GBR-R - Family And Medical Leave

    File: GBS - Health Insurance Portability And Accountability (HIPAA)

            File: GBS - E - Notice Of Privacy Practices


    File: GCA - Certified Staff Positions

    File: GCB-1 - Certified Staff Contracts And Compensation Plans (Teachers)

    File: GCB-2 - Certified Staff Contracts And Compensation Plans (Administrators)

            File: GCB-2-R - Certified Staff Contracts And Compensation Plans (Administrators)

            File: GCB-2-E - Administrative Compensation Guide

    File: GCBA - Certified Staff Salary Schedules

    File: GCBB - Certified Staff Supplemental Contracts

    File: GCBD - Certified Staff Leaves And Absences

    File: GCBE - Certified Staff Vacations And Holidays

    File: GCC - Certified Staff Recruiting

    File: GCD - Professional Staff Hiring

            File: GCD-R - Professional Staff Hiring

    File: GCE - Part-Time And Substitute Certified Staff Employment

    File: GCI - Certified Staff Assignments And Transfers

    File: GCJ - Certified Staff Time Schedules

    File: GCL - Certified Staff Development Opportunities

    File: GCN-1 (Also AFC-1) - Evaluation Of Certified Staff (Ohio Teacher Evaluation System)

    File: GCN-2 (Also AFC-2) - Evaluation Of Certified Staff (Administrators Both Certified And Classified)

            File: GCN-2-R (Also AFC-2-R) - Evaluation Of Certified Staff (Administrators Both Certified And Classified)

    File: GCN-3 (Also AFC-3) - Standards Based Principal Evaluation System

    File: GCNA (Also AFCA) - Evaluation Of School Counselors

    File: GCPA - Reduction In Certified Staff Work Force

            File: GCPA-2-R - Reduction In Certified Staff Work Force (Administrators Both Certified And Classified)

    File: GCPB - Resignation Of Certified Staff Members

    File: GCPCA - Severance Pay

            File: GCPCA-R - Severance Pay

    File: GCPD - Suspension And Termination Of Certified Staff Members

    File GCQAA - Certified Staff Consulting Services

    File: GCQAB - Tutoring For Pay


    File: GDA - Classified Staff Positions

    File: GDB - Classified Staff Contracts And Compensation Plans

    File: GDBA - Classified Staff Salary Schedules

    File: GDBB - Classified Staff Pupil Activity Contracts

    File: GDBD - Classified Staff Leaves And Absences

    File: GDBE - Classified Staff Vacations And Holidays

            File: GDBE-R - Classified Staff Vacations And Holidays

    File: GDC/GDCA/GDD - Classified Staff Recruiting/Posting Of Vacancies/Hiring

    File: GDE - Part-Time, Temporary And Substitute Classified Staff Employment

    File: GDI - Classified Staff Assignments And Transfers

    File: GDKA - Classified Staff Extra Duty

            File: GDKA-R - Classified Staff Extra Duty 

    File: GDL - Classified Staff Development Opportunities 

    File: GDM - Supervision Of Classified Staff

    File: GDN (Also AFD) - Evaluation Of Classified Staff

    File: GDPA - Reduction In Classified Staff Workforce

    File: GDPB - Resignation of Classified Staff Members

    File: GDPD - Suspension, Demotion And Termination Of Classified Staff Members



Section H - Negotiations

    File: HA - Negotiations


    File: HD - School Board Negotiating Powers And Duties


    File: HE - Board Negotiating Agents

        File: HE-R - Board Negotiating Agents


    File: HI - Payment Of Negotiations Costs


    File: HK - Release Of Negotiations Information


    File: HM - Procedures Following Ratification


    File: HO - Work Stoppage



Section I - Instruction

    File: IA - Instructional Goals

    File: IAA - Instructional Objectives


    File: IB - Academic Freedom


    File: IC/ICA - School Year / School Calendar


    File: ID - School Day


    File: IE - Organization Of Facilities For Instruction


    File: IF - Curriculum Development

        File: IF-R - Curriculum Development

    File: IFD - Curriculum Adoption 


    File: IGA - Basic Curricular Program

    File: IGAB - Human Relations Education

    File: IGAC - Teaching About Religion

    File: IGAD - Occupational Education

    File: IGAE - Health Education

    File: IGAF - Physical Education

    File: IGAG - Drugs, Alcohol And Tobacco Education

    File: IGAH/IGAI - Family Life Education / Sex Education

    File: IGBA - Programs For Students With Disabilities

        File: IGBA-R - Programs For Students With Disabilities

    File: IGBB - Programs For Gifted And Talented Students

    File: IGBE - Remedial Instruction

    File: IGBEA - Reading Skills Assessments And Intervention

        File: IGBEA-R - Reading Skills Assessments And Intervention

    File: IGBG - Home-Bound Instruction

    File: IGBH - Alternative School Programs

    File: IGBI - English Learners

    File: IGBJ - Title I Programs

    File: IGBL - Parent And Family Involvement In Education

    File: IGBM - Credit Flexibility

    File: IGCA - Summer School

    File: IGCB - Experimental Programs

    File: IGCD (Also LEB) - Educational Options

        File: IGCD-R (Also LEB-R) - Educational Options

    File: IGCF - Home Instruction

        File: IGCF-R - Home Instruction

    File: IGCG - Preschool Program

    File: IGCH (Also LEC) - College Credit Plus

        File: IGCH-R (Also LEC-R) - College Credit Plus

    File: IGCI - Community Service

    File: IGD: - Cocurricular And Extracurricular Activities

        File: IGD-R - Cocurricular And Extracurricular Activities

    File: IGDB - Student Publications

    File: IGDC - Student Social Events

    File: IGDD - Student Performances

        File: IGDD-R - Student Performances

    File: IGDF - Student Fund-Raising Activities

    File: IGDFA (Also GBIA) - Online Fundraising Campaigns/Crowdfunding

    File: IGDG - Student Activities Funds Management

        File: IGDG-R - Student Activities Funds Management

    File: IGDJ - Interscholastic Athletics

        File: IGDJ-R - Interscholastic Athletics

    File: IGDK - Interscholastic Extracurricular Eligibility

    File: IGEE - Award Of High School Diplomas To Veterans Of War


    File: IHA - Grouping For Instruction

    File: IHB - Class Size


    File: IIA - Instructional Materials

    File: IIAA - Textbook Selections And Adoption

    File: IIAC - Library Materials Selection And Adoption

    File: IIBH - District Web Site Publishing

    File: IIC (Also KF) - Community Instructional Resources

    File: IICA - Field Trips

    File: IICAA - Student Trips Involving International Travel

        File: IICAA-R - Student Trips Involving International Travel

        File: IICAA-E-1 - Student Trips Involving International Travel Application For International Travel

        File: IICAA-E-2 - Student Trips Involving International Travel International Travel / Study Agreement

    File: IICC - School Volunteers


    File: IJ - Guidance Program

    File: IJA - Career Advising


    File: IK - Academic Achievement

    File: IKA - Grading Systems

    File: IKAB - Student Progress Reports To Parents

    File: IKAD - Parent-Teacher Conferences

    File: IKB - Homework

    File: IKE - Promotion And Retention Of Students

    File: IKEB - Acceleration

        File: IKEB-E - Ross Local School District Student Acceleration Policy Request For Evaluation

    File: IKF - Graduation Requirements

    File: IKFA - Early Graduation

        File: IKFA-R - Early Graduation

    File: IKFB - Graduation Exercises


    File: IL - Testing Programs


    File: IM (Also AFE) - Evaluation Of Instructional Programs


    File: INB - Teaching About Controversial Issues

    File: IND/INDA - School Ceremonies And Observances/Patriotic Exercises

    File: INDB - Flag And Motto Displays

    File: INE - Assemblies

    File: ING - Animals In The Schools

        File: ING-R Animals In The Schools



Section J - Student

    File: JA - Student Policies Goals


    File: JB - Equal Educational Opportunities


    File: JC - School Attendance Areas


    File: JEA - Compulsory Attendance Ages

    File: JEB - Entrance Age

    File: JEBA - Early Entrance To Kindergarten

    File: JEC - School Admission

    File: JECAA - Admission Of Homeless Student

        File: JECAA-R - Admission Of Homeless Students

    File: JECB - Admission Of Nonresident Students

    File: JECBA - Admission Of Exchange Students

        File: JECBA-R - Admission Of Exchange Students

    File: JECBB - Interdistrict Open Enrollment

        File: JECBB-R - Interdistrict Open Enrollment

    File: JECBC - Admission Of Students From Nonchartered Or Home Schooling

    File: JECBD - Intradistrict Open Enrollment

        File: JECBD-R - Intradistrict Open Enrollment

    File: JECC - Assignment Of Students To Schools

    File: JECE - Student Withdrawal From School

        File: JECE-R - Student Withdrawal From School

    File: JED - Student Absences And Excuses

        File: JED-R - Student Absences And Excuses

    File JEDA - Truancy

    File: JEDB - Student Dismissal Precautions

    File: JEE - Student Attendance Accounting

        File: JEE-R - Student Attendance Accounting

    File: JEG - Exclusions And Exemptions From School Attendance

    File: JEGA - Permanent Exclusion


    File: JF - Student Rights And Responsibilities

    File: JFA - Student Due Process Rights

    File: JFB (Also ABC) - Student Involvement In Decision Making

    File: JFC - Student Conduct

    File: JFCA - Student Dress Code

    File: JFCC (Also EEACC) - Student Conduct On School Buses

    File: JFCEA - Gangs

    File: JFCF - Hazing And Bullying

        File: JFCF-R - Hazing And Bullying

    File: JFCG - Tobacco Use By Students

        File: JFCG-R - Tobacco Use By Students 

    File: JFCH/JFCI - Alcohol Use By Students / Student Drug Abuse

        File: JFCI-R - Student Drug Abuse: Procedures

    File: JFCJ - Weapons In The Schools

    File: JFCK - Use Of Electronic Communications Equipment By Students

    File: JFCL - Unsafe Schools

    File: JFE - Pregnant Students

    File: JFG - Interrogations And Searches

        File: JFG-R - Interrogations And Searches


    File: JG - Student Discipline

    File: JGA - Corporal Punishment

    File: JGD - Student Suspension

    File: JGDA - Emergency Removal Of Student

    File: JGE - Student Expulsion


    File: JHC - Student Health Services And Requirements

    File: JHCA - Physical Examinations Of Students

    File: JHCB - Immunizations

    File: JHCC - Communicable Diseases

    File: JHCD - Administering Medicines To Students

        File: JHCD-R-1 - Administering Medicines To Students

        File: JHCD-R-2 - Administering Medicines To Students (Use Of Epinephrine Autoinjectors) 

    File: JHF - Student Safety

    File: JHFD - Student Automobile Use

    File: JHG - Reporting Child Abuse and Mandatory Training

    File: JHH - Notification About Sex Offenders


    File: JK - Employment Of Students


    File: JL - Student Gifts And Solicitations


    File: JM (Also GBH) - Staff-Student Relations


    File: JN - Student Fees, Fines, And Charges


    File: JO - Student Records

        File: JO-R - Student Records

        File: JO-E - Denial Of Permission To Release Directory Information Without Prior Written Consent

    File: JOA - Student Surveys


    File: JP - Positive Behavioral Interventions And Supports



Section K - School / Community  Relations

    File: KA - School-Community Relations Goal


    File: KBA - Public's Right To Know

    File: KBCA - News Releases

        File: KBCA-R - News Releases

    File: KBCD (Also BDDJ) - Broadcasting And Taping Of Board Meetings

    File: KBE (Also FD) - Tax Issues


    File: KC (Also ABA) - Community Involvement In Decision Making

    File: KCA - Family And Civic Engagement Team


    File: KD (Also BDDH) - Public Participation At Board Meetings


    File: KF (Also IIC) - Community Instructional Resources


    File: KG - Community Use Of School Facilities

        File: KG-R - Community Use Of School Facilities

        File: KG-E-1 - Community Use Of School Facilities

        File: KG-E-2 - Application For Use Of School Facilities

        File: Athletic Facility Use Addendum

    File: KGB - Public Conduct On District Property

    File: KGC - No Tobacco Use On District Property 


    File: KH - Public Gifts To The District


    File: KI - Public Solicitations In The Schools


    File: KJ - Advertising In The Schools

        File: KJ-R-1 - Advertising In The Schools

        File: KJ - R-2 - Advertising In The Schools


    File: KK - Visitors To The Schools

    File: KKA - Recruiters In The Schools


    File: KL - Public Complaints

    File: KLB - Public Complaints About The Curriculum Or Instructional Materials 

        File: KLB-E - Citizen's Request For Reconsideration Of Library / Curriculum Materials

    File: KLD - Public Complaints About District Personnel

        File: KLD-R - Public Complaints About District Personnel


    File: KMA - Relations With Parent Organizations

    File: KMB - Relations With Booster Organizations



Section L - Education Agency Relations 

   File: LA - Education Agency Relations Goals


    File: LB - Relations With Other Schools And Educational Institutions

    File: LBB - Cooperative Educational Programs


    File: LEA - Student Teaching And Internships

    File: LEB (Also IGCD) - Educational Options

        File: LEB-R (Also IGCD-R) - Educational Options

    File: LEC (Also IGCH) - College Credit Plus

        File: LEC-R (Also IGCH-R) - College Credit Plus