Bus Routes

Transportation Last Updated: 8/20/2020 3:14 PM

The times and locations of our bus stops are established based on existing road conditions and student enrollment.  Parents should note that these times and/or locations are subject to change throughout the school year.  Changes may occur as a result of road conditions, road closings, severe weather, high water, or changes in enrollment.

When major changes have to be made, parents will be notified as soon as the need for the change becomes apparent.  We ask for your patience and understanding when our routes and schedules have to be changed.  These usually occur as a result of conditions beyond our control, and we try to minimize the impact of these changes on our students and families.

Note: If your student's PM bus is noted as a "B", your student will remain at the school until the bus returns from the first run.

PLEASE NOTE: Kindergarten routes may change due to new kindergarten enrollees.