2nd Semester Remote Learning Information

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Important Information to Ross Local School District Families Regarding
Second Semester Remote Online Learning Option
Transitioning from In-person Instruction to Remote Instruction


If a family is interested in changing a student’s learning environment from in-person TO remote (online, Accelerate Education platform), please read this document for critical guidelines and process expectations.


November 20, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The purpose of this letter is to provide guidelines and expectations to families who wish to change a student’s learning environment from in-person to remote (online) instruction for the second semester (January 19th - May 27th, 2021). A change in the learning environment will remain the same for the entirety of the second semester.

As a reminder, remote (online) learning instruction is provided through an online platform called Accelerate Education. 

  • A Ross staff member is available as a facilitator only. The teacher will not be providing instruction. All instructional and instructional tasks are accessed through the platform.

  • Daily attendance is required in remote (online) learning. Students are expected to log into the Accelerate Education learning platform every day that Ross Local School are in session and complete all work associated with online modules, including correctly submitting assignments according to guidelines and expectations.  If a student does not log into Accelerate Education, he or she will be counted as absent.

  • Students engaging in remote (online) learning must keep pace with assignments and due dates.

Participation in remote (online) learning is not guaranteed through registration. The number of remote (online) learning spots is limited due to staffing constraints.  

  • The first priority for remote (online) learning spaces is students who are currently enrolled in remote learning.  

  • Additional spots will then be available for students who have medical issues or whose immediate family (who live in their household) has medical issues that put them in a high-risk group.  

  • Remaining spots will be filled with other registrants.

The opportunity to change learning environments from in-person to remote (online) instruction will occur from December 1st - December 8th, 2020.  A Google Form will be shared via final forms and will be available on the district website’s homepage (rossrams.com).

  • Once a student changes a learning environment, the student is committed to staying in that learning environment for the remainder of the school year.

  • If a student is transitioning from in-person instruction into remote (online) learning, the family must attend an orientation meeting regarding the remote (online) learning platform before the registration is confirmed. Information regarding the orientation will be sent after registration closes.

  • Home internet access is a requirement for students participating in remote (online) learning.


A learning environment will stay the same for the entire second semester.

If you have a question about the second-semester remote learning option, view these FAQs (also included on the next pages). After reading the FAQ document, If you still have questions please submit the question using THIS FORM.

What it takes for a student to be successful in remote (online) learning:

  • In kindergarten through 5th grade, a student needs an adult in the household who is able to work with the student on a daily basis with all of the work assigned through the remote learning platform.

  • A successful student in remote (online) learning is one who is able to work independently, take initiative to ask questions, and to advocate for him or herself. If a student is not able to do these things, the remote learning option is not the best choice.


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FAQs for Families Requesting a Change in Learning Environment for 2nd Semester


What are the requirements to request a change in my child’s learning environment from in-person learning to Remote Learning?

Families requesting this change must have a reliable internet connection and have a clear understanding of the Accelerate Learning Remote Learning platform and expectations explained below. Requests with medical documentation will be given priority over other requests, but are not guaranteed.

Is the RAMS Remote Learning School like the Distance Learning that occurred in the spring during the state-mandated closure?

No. Students in RAMS Remote Learning do not receive their daily instruction from our Ross teaching staff. All lessons and assignments are provided through the Accelerate Education platform, which students access independently and on a schedule families provide for their children. Accelerate Education develops all of the content provided and is similar to an online school. This was purchased for one year in order to provide families with medical conditions with the option for learning at home during the COVID 19 crisis.

How will I know if my child will be able to meet expectations with the online learning provided?

Students that are currently performing well with grade-level expectations are the most successful. Students that need intervention, have an academic IEP,  or receive any instruction that is not at their currently identified grade level have struggled during the first semester with the content provided. Students identified as gifted do well, but are not provided with any gifted services in the Remote Learning option. Instruction is not differentiated for specific learning needs in the Remote Learning platform.

What other attributes should my child have in order to be successful with the Remote Learning option?

Successful students are those who require little direction or reminders in order to complete school work at home. These students work independently and are self-motivated. They are able to follow a daily schedule for approximately 4-5 hours a day.

What about my elementary school child? Does the above apply to them, too?

Yes. Most K-2 students, and some 3rd-5th grade students, are not independent readers. Any family enrolling their K-2 child must be prepared to sit side-by-side with their child for most of the day’s lessons/assignments. If your child is a reader, this doesn’t mean he/she will be able to navigate Remote Learning on his/her own. Any elementary student will need a supportive full-time learning coach by their side.

Is the Remote Learning option equal to in-person learning?

No. The lessons and assignments do not align week-to-week with the in-person students’ instruction. However, the language arts and math content align to the common core standards and the science and social studies content align to national standards. Although content standards align to in-person instruction, the students in Remote Learning do not receive the same experience as those of their in-person peers.

Why is the commitment to Remote Learning for the entire semester?

Consistency for the Remote Learners, in-person students, and our staff is necessary in order to provide academically sound environments. Students in both learning environments need as much day-to-day consistency as possible and a familiar daily schedule to have the best academic experience. Transitions in-and-out of learning environments affects everyone involved in the environment that is left and the one entered into.  These FAQs are provided so that you are able to make the best choice for your family, and so that you are given a very clear understanding of what to expect in order to determine whether your child will be a successful Remote Learner. Once a student is enrolled in Remote Learning he/she may not switch to in-person learning until the start of the 21-22 school year in August.

What if my child fails one or more subject areas in Remote Learning?

There is a 5 letter grading scale for Remote Learners in grades K-12 (A, B, C, D, F). The grades earned in Remote Learning count as your child’s final grades at the end of the semester. If your child is failing math or language arts in grades K-3, he/she may be required to repeat that grade in the 21-22 school year.  If failing, 4th-8th grade students will receive an F as their final grade for those subjects at the end of the semester and may also be retained in their current grade. At RHS, students would move to the next grade, but may be required to repeat the course to earn credit towards graduation since no credit would be earned for the failing grade. 

Do Remote Learning students have lessons and assignments to complete everyday?

Yes. It is required by the State of Ohio that all Remote Student’s attendance be held to an equal standard of that of an in-person learner. Remote students must log into the Remote Learning platform every school day (the same days that are stated on the district calendar), and complete the lessons and assignments which are due.  Remote students are not permitted to work ahead and must keep up with the pace of the course in order to be successful. If students need to work in the evenings or on the weekends to complete work, it is permitted. However, any student who does not login and complete work on a school day will be marked absent. 

Do Remote Learners have any interaction with teachers?

Yes. Grades K-8 are assigned to a Ross Local School District licensed teacher who acts as a facilitator and a point of contact. A Ross teacher will also grade all of their assigned students’ work and provide feedback as needed. They each have a daily 30 minute Zoom session that Remote Learners must attend, as a way to build community and to foster Remote Learners’ social and emotional needs. In addition, they all have a 30 minute Zoom each day where students can ask questions, too. There are situations in which students may be asked to attend additional Zoom sessions, but this is on a case-by-case basis. A Remote Learning facilitator/teacher does NOT create the content or the plans for the lessons/assignments your child will be completing. They do not hold zoom sessions to teach Remote Learners, like some of your children may have experienced in the spring. In 9th - 12th grade, students are largely independent. A Ross high school teacher will grade assignments and is available to provide some support, but will not hold daily Zoom meetings or provide core instruction.

What subjects will my child be assigned as a Remote Learner?

Grades K-2 are assigned daily math and language arts lessons/assignments. They are also enrolled in science and social studies courses, which can be completed by choice.

Grades 3-8 are enrolled in 4 courses: language arts, math, science, and social studies, all of which have graded assignments.

RHS students are enrolled in courses similar to those listed on their current RHS schedules.

If Ross Local School District goes to a hybrid model or full remote learning, does that affect students participating in the Remote Learning online option?

No. Students enrolled in the RAMS Remote Learning School for 2nd semester will only participate in the online platform for the entire semester, regardless of what changes are made for in-person learners.

What if I change my mind after the December 1-8 registration period?

Registration ends at 11:59 p.m. on December 8, 2020. Late registrations will not be accepted for any type of change in learning environment for the 2nd semester. There is intensive planning involved with switching students between in-person and online school. Those changes will begin to occur December 9th--the latest date in which we will be able to complete all needed changes before January 19th, the first day of the 2nd semester.

What if I have a question that hasn’t been answered in these FAQs?

Please complete this linked form. Responses to your questions will be added to this FAQ sheet on Mondays (11/23, 11/30, 12/7).

Is it possible for my KG student to be successful with Remote Learning?

Since KG-2nd/3rd grade students are not independent readers, any KG family requesting Remote Learning must be able to sit side-by-side with their KG-2nd/3rd student while they complete ALL the online work. There is NOT a teacher providing instruction on Zoom. The Remote Learning option is an online program--the content is provided by Accelerate Education, not the Ross Local School District. All courses are for students working at grade level. This option is not recommended for students which are below grade level or struggling with grade level concepts. Students that are gifted, typically perform well, but are not provided with any enrichment opportunities. All grade levels require someone at home to be the child's Learning Coach, who acts as the child's teacher and manages the day-to-day expectations of Remote Learning. 

My child is failing a class as an In-Person learner. Should I expect this same performance from my child as a Remote Learner?

Yes. Remote Learning is actually harder than In-Person learning, because students do not receive any differentiated instruction. They receive grade-level content and work independently through courses as an online learner. Teachers do not provide instruction for students in the Remote Learning option. Many students need the support of an In-Person teacher or interactions with classroom peers to be successful. The primary learning support for a RAMS Remote Learner is the parent at home.

After conferences, it was clear that my child is not doing well with In-Person learning. Would Remote Learning be a better option for him/her?

In-Person learning is the best option for all students. The RAMS Remote Learning option was purchased so that students with a medical reason (or those who have an immediate family member with a medical condition) would have a way to remain a Ross student during the Covid 19 pandemic.


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2nd Semester Remote Learning Information

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