Q. How do I order a yearbook for this school year?

A. This year's yearbooks are now available for purchase by visiting and follow the prompts. The cost for a yearbook increases throughout the school year, so we encourage all students to purchase early in the year if possible. We offer several personalization options to make sure your yearbook is a lifelong memory. Don't have a credit card for online payment? Please bring cash or check to Mrs. Jones in room 101 before sales end for the school year in April.


Q. When do I get my yearbook from the previous school year?

A. The previous school year's yearbooks are usually distributed to current students during RamBell in late August/early September. We will notify all recent RHS graduates via our Twitter page as to when they can pick up their senior yearbooks. At that time, any graduate or a family member of the graduate can visit the main office of RHS during school hours to sign for and pick up their ordered materials. 





Q. When are senior pictures for the wall composite and yearbook due?

A. January 7, 2019. No late photos will be accepted. 


Q. What do I need to secure a spot in the wall composite and the yearbook?

A. Please carefully read the directions below for each item.

Wall Composite: To be included in the composite that hangs onthe wall next to the office, you MUST have your picture taken by Ritchie Photography. Ritchie Photography does this for the school and no other photographer's pictures can go into this. They are professional and provide quality photographs at an affordable price!


You have two options when getting senior photos taken through Ritchie Photo/Executive Studios:

  1. Make an appointment when they are scheduled to be on location at RHS. We are working on scheduling dates for them to come here, so check Schoology and Twitter often.
  2.  Call (513) 241-4959 to make an appointment for a different date and time at their convention downtown location. The session fee is $10.00 which includes 2 outfits. All package options and pricing are included on their website


Yearbook: We strongly recommend using Ritchie Photography for your senior pictures! They provide a memorable experience and offer a variety of photo packaged that are sure to please. Plus, a percentage of all RHS senior photo sales are then generously donated back to the school. If you have your senior pictures taken at Ritchie Photography before January 7, you have nothing else to do. They will get us your photo and you will automatically be included in the yearbook.


If you still choose to go to another photographer, you MUST follow these guidelines full:

  • You must have a "Head and Shoulders" only pose. No hands or props. 
  • You must have a solid color background (no white). No brick, plants, etc...
  • You must be dressed up. No T-Shirts, no shirts with logos or text of any kind.
  • No studio or student names imprinted on portrait. 
  • Vertical pose / Wallet size (2 1/2" x 3 1/2")


Lastly, YOU are responsible for getting us your photo. You or the photographer may email a hi-res image to the yearbook adviser, Stacey Jones, at by January 7. 


Q. How do I purchase a Senior Tribute?

A. Senior Tributes are a great way to feature your son or daughter in their senior yearbook. Purchasing a Senior Tribute secures a space in the senior section of the yearbook where you can include photos and a short message to your graduating senior in FULL COLOR. 

Senior Dedication ADs image

* * * PRICING * * * 

whole page   $150.00

1/2 page   $100.00 

1/4 page   $60.00 


Ready to purchase a tribute? Please visit and follow the prompts. We will not be accepting Senior Tribute purchases after March 1, 2019.


If you have any questions, please call the Rossonian Yearbook at 513-863-1252 Ex.1101





Q. I own a business in or around the community. How do I purchase an ad in the yearbook?


A. We love nothing more than supporting our community businesses. If interested in purchasing ad space, please gather your business ad, logo, and/or photos and a check payable to Ross High School and send materials in to the address below. You may send your own artwork or our Rossonian yearbook staff will happily design an ad for you.


Please print off, fill out and include this form with your payment and materials. We will not be accepting business ads after February 1, 2019.


ATTN: Mrs. Stacey Jones, Yearbook Adviser

Ross High School

3601 Hamilton-Cleves Road

Hamilton, OH 45013



Please call the Rossonian Yearbook at 513-863-1252 Ex.1101 with any questions.